Kosmopolis 15

K Dialogues


William T. Vollmann and Juan Francisco Ferré

Literature on The Edge

  • Thursday 19 March, 20.30 - 21.30
  • Hall
  • 3 €

Apart from the broad scope of his narrative and essays, William T. Vollmann is characterized in his work by getting right into whatever it is he’s writing about. Whether it’s prostitution, drug addiction, suburban violence, wars in Asia or Europe, natural catastrophes, extreme forms of survival, conflicts of all kinds or different sexual conditions, Vollmann is famous for his thorough documentation on the ground. Juan Francisco Ferré, winner of the 2012 Herralde Prize and expert in US literature, will be talking to the author of Europe Central, The Rainbow Stories and The Royal Family about the origins and motivations of his work. An exciting talk with one of the foremost living exponents of high US literature.

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