Kosmopolis 17

Presentation K17

When everything changes

The ninth biennial edition of Kosmopolis aims to offer a close-up of the profound changes in sensitivity that are taking place as the planet’s temperature continues to increase. Change in culture and culture of change, era of changes and change of era. The anthropocentric view, the comprehension of non-human intelligence and the scale on which we measure our acts are all changing. The conception of genders is changing, defending a creativity that transcends androcentric hegemony. The social and geopolitical map, and the way of assuming diagnoses and solutions are also changing. We are witnessing a global scenario plagued by seismic tremors of different kinds where the speed of change has become the only constant.

At K17, we will be exploring a landscape that is affecting all the spheres of creation and knowledge, stimulating intense contamination between the arts and the sciences. It is literature in its most open conception that continues sending signals to avoid the triumph of dystopian futures. It is the spoken, printed, electronic word, the word that is filmed, painted or sung, the critical word, the enamoured word, the word that works in networks and builds bridges. It is the desire to continue creating stories that enable us to understand what happens in a present that is crucial for the future of life as we know it. And it is also the inalterable reserve of empathy and amazement that we still have available for inhabiting the world.

Welcome to Kosmopolis 2017: when everything changes.

Juan Insua