• The pleasure of reading: selected publications for a good summer

    The pleasure of reading: selected publications for a good summer

    13 .07 .2018 - Kosmopolis

    With summer come the holidays – that time of year when we get to disconnect from our daily routine and, among other things, enjoy the pleasure of reading. You might have already decided on your summer reading list, but if not, here at Kosmopolis we’ve put together a list for you based on the recommendations of the people who work in the different departments of the CCCB.

  • Narrative immersion: the next challenge

    Narrative immersion: the next challenge

    16 .01 .2018 - Mireia Manjón

    Increasingly more narrative formats are opting for immersion. At Kosmopolis 2017 we explored this tendency, which puts people’s experience at the centre of the experience and grants us decision-making power. The three Alpha Channel chats that we are offering investigated virtual reality and other immersive experiences, pioneers of what can be glimpsed as the next great language.

  • Narratives for Readers of the 21st Century

    Narratives for Readers of the 21st Century

    15 .11 .2017 - Mireia Manjón

    At a time of profound changes, at Kosmopolis we wonder about the future of books and of the publishing industry. What will the tales of the new decade marked by artificial intelligence be like? The three Bookcamp discussions that we propose to you explore the commitment to narrative experiences.

  • Literary Dialogues at Kosmopolis

    Literary Dialogues at Kosmopolis

    29 .09 .2017 - Eva Rexach

    Jean Echenoz and Jean-Yves Jouannais. John Banville and Pierre Lemaitre. Werner Herzog and Paul Holdengräber. The K Dialogues for the 2017 edition of Kosmopolis played host to authors with similar track records which enabled us to zoom in closer on their work, discover some of their secrets and enjoy a few anecdotes from beyond the literary sphere.

  • Kosmopolis books for this summer

    Kosmopolis books for this summer

    19 .07 .2017 - Kosmopolis

    That time of year is here when everyone’s offering literary recommendations. Now’s the moment to decide which book or books will accompany us over the course of the summer, which stories are ideal for taking to the beach or which classic it’s time to take up for those evenings al fresco. Our choice is not based on any of these considerations, but on one that is closer to home: the books we recommend below are all by authors that at some point have participated in Kosmopolis.

  • The female constelations at K17

    The female constelations at K17

    30 .06 .2017 - Eva Rexach

    Subversive mothers, repentant mothers, grieving mothers and free mothers. Women who celebrate their old age, who write from experience and imagination. We are going to dedicate part of the programming of Kosmopolis to the Female constelations.

  • Seven sessions on climate change in K17

    Seven sessions on climate change in K17

    02 .06 .2017 - Eva Rexach

    Climate change is already a reality and many are the symptoms that show it, from the emergence of vegetation in Antarctica to the alterations in the planet temperatures. At Kosmopolis we wanted to reflect on this and we offered several talks about climate change, because facing climate change involves talking and accepting other changes.

  • Thank You

    Thank You

    27 .03 .2017 - Kosmopolis

    We have to say goodbye to this year’s K17 really happy about the results. We say goodbye to an edition that has improved in public and enthusiasm: not just a few of you have thanked us for a celebration in which the different words that form the amplified literature have interacted in harmony.

  • Ways to enjoy Kosmopolis

    Ways to enjoy Kosmopolis

    16 .03 .2017 - Kosmopolis

    Kosmopolis 17 is already here. You will have five days to enjoy literature, to discover new authors, new stories, new ways of narrating and reading. To think about and discuss climate change, the mixture of genres and the prejudices that still exist on literature written by women. In K17 we think of vignettes, we recreate the Walk of Robert Walser and we invite to Edinburgh, another of the UNESCO’s literary capitals. And we also immerse ourselves in virtual reality to experience stories where you are a main part of the plot. When everything changes, there are plenty of reasons. Here you are some of the ways you can live the celebration.