• Non-human intelligence

    Non-human intelligence

    09 .03 .2017 - Eva Rexach

    Thinking that only humans are intelligent beings is wrong: there are other forms of intelligence that allow animals and plants to inhabit the world in different ways than we do. At Kosmopolis, we will talk about it with ecologists and experts in geobotany and animal neurobiology, and we will also discover the great potential of our brain.

  • New formats and great classics. Literature in pictures at Canal Alfa

    New formats and great classics. Literature in pictures at Canal Alfa

    02 .03 .2017 - Eulàlia Guarro

    Historically, the artistic disciplines have mixed together, nourishing and inspiring each other. Each one having its own language, they convey the stories and contribute with their own idiosyncrasies and genuine tools. But what happens when we mix different languages and open the narrative space?

  • The future of reading at Bookcamp Kosmopolis

    The future of reading at Bookcamp Kosmopolis

    23 .02 .2017 - Eva Rexach

    Is it possible to imagine a world without books? In an environment dominated by audiovisual media, what is the meaning of an object that has existed virtually unchanged for hundreds of years? Bookcamp Kosmopolis will be an opportunity to discuss the future of books and narratives.

  • Women beyond topics

    Women beyond topics

    16 .02 .2017 - Eva Rexach

    Nine authors will speak first-hand about their experience as writers, gender stereotypes, subversive maternities and historical struggles. We will count with a wide array of female constellations to talk about changes in roles and in society.

  • Robert Walser’s “The Walk” at Kosmopolis

    Robert Walser’s “The Walk” at Kosmopolis

    09 .02 .2017 - Marc Caellas

    A hundred years have passed since the first edition of the novel “The Walk” and Kosmopolis wants to pay tribute to Robert Walser with a theater play that consists in a walking tour that runs through three different Barcelona districts. With the help of the actor and poet Esteban Feune de Colombi, a group of walkers wander by the city along with the artist Joan Fontcuberta and the writers Marta Sanz and Alicia Kopf, who will also participate on a debate with Marc Caellas.

  • PJ Harvey at K17 Festival

    PJ Harvey at K17 Festival

    02 .02 .2017 - K Team

    PJ Harvey will be taking part in the 2017 edition of Kosmopolis with a poetry recital that will be the closing event for this year’s festival, on 26 March. Since the publication of The Hollow of the Hand (2015), PJ Harvey has appeared at a number of international literary festivals and this is the first time that a reading of her poems is to be presented in Spain.