• Thinking in Strips

    Thinking in Strips

    26 .01 .2017 - Jorge Carrión

    Now, at this turn of the century, the production and reading of graphic novels—books that use illustration and comic strips to tell stories with the scope and ambition of a novel—have been normalised. Stories that may be fictional, autobiographical or journalistic. Or even stories that are not necessarily narrative, but essayistic. Thinking in images, thinking in panels, thinking visually: human beings have always done it, but now the creative community and the editorial industry agree on the importance of developing the potential of these hybrid languages.

  • The Literature of Change

    The Literature of Change

    19 .01 .2017 - Eva Rexach

    Science fiction literature is about apocalyptic worlds and dystopian futures in which climate change menaces the survival of the planet. But some writers, such as Kim Stanley Robinson, tell a different story. This is the literature of change.

  • K17 is approaching

    K17 is approaching

    19 .12 .2016 - K Team

    With the slogan “When everything changes”, the 2017 edition of Kosmopolis will revolve around the change of culture and the culture of change. From 22 to 26 March, it will be presenting a five-day programme that brings together established authors and new voices to discuss some of the main challenges facing culture and literature in their most open concept.

  • Post-Eurocon: Authors You Need to Know

    Post-Eurocon: Authors You Need to Know

    25 .11 .2016 - Kosmopolis

    Of the many authors who passed through the Eurocon, we’ve selected the ones-not-to-miss and propose a series of short interviews in which they introduce themselves and give a short tour of their work.

  • Literary Europe Live

    Literary Europe Live

    03 .12 .2015 - K Team

    On November Kosmopolis held the first meeting to launch the project “Literary Europe Live”, a new initiative brought forth by the Literature Across Frontiers platform. We took advantage of the opportunity to interview several members.
  • Interview with Cory Doctorow

    Interview with Cory Doctorow

    30 .06 .2015 - Cory Doctorow

    We took the opportunity to interview writer and digital rights activist Cory Doctorow who was here to launch his graphic novel In Real Life as part of the Kosmopolis ongoing programme.