Anna Ascolies

Co-director of The Spanish Bookstage, a platform that reports on transactions copyright between agents and publishers.

Anna Ascolies. © CCCB, 2017. Autor: Miquel Taverna

Anna Ascolies (Barcelona, 1976) has training in translating and interpreting. She has worked in the field of author copyright for different Spanish publishers and has been a literary agent in Barcelona for five years. Since 2015, together with Martina Torrades, she has co-directed The Spanish Bookstage, the first platform that reports on author copyright transactions between agents and publishers in the Spanish language market.

Update: 01/03/2017


Previous activities

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Women-Led Innovation

Lauren Romeo (Tekstum Solutions), Anna Ascolies (The Spanish Bookstage), Mireia Lite (Ara Llibres) and Maribel Riaza (Innovation in the book sector). Moderator: Joana Sánchez (Incipy).