Diccionari Sebald


01 .04 .2015 - Agustín Fernández Mallo & SEBALDIANA

Agustín Fernández Mallowriter [Spain]

[Translation (subtitles): Marilena de Chiara]

“I would say the Sebaldian is a way of narrating through which the author wonders and interacts with different people, objects, historical moments. And, with this material he creates a very dense, metaphorical load and at the same time a very valuable inquiry of reality. It is intriguing, as this wonderding could apparently be a trajectory, a very superficial drift, yet in the end everything acquires such a density that helps us to interpret the world. Is kind an analog network, that behaves also as a digital network. Therefore I believe the Sebaldian is very valuable for contemporary literature and as launching for some kind of literature of the future, drowing a path.”