Diccionari Sebald

11: WALK

22 .04 .2015 - Marc Caellas & SEBALDIANA

 Marc Caellas, writer and director [España]

[Translation (subtitles): Marilena de Chiara]


“During a beatiful and extensive walk, thousands of useful and usable ideas occur to me. Locked at home, I ruin and miserably dry myself. To me walking is not only healty and nice, it is also convenient and useful. A walk stimulates me professionally and at the same time it gives me pleasure and joy on the personal field; it amuses me and it comforts me and it makes me happy, to me it is a pleasure and at the same time it has the quality of what stimulates and fire me on to continue creating, as it offers me, as materials, many small and big objects that, later, at home, I develop with enthusiasm and diligence. A walk is always full of important expressions, which are worthy of seeing and feeling. Living images and poems, charms and natural beauty often bustle through nice walks, even if they are short. Nature and habits open – attractive and charming – to the senses and eyes of the one who observes with attention.”