Kosmopolis 15

CCCB 18—22 March 2015

By themes

  • Dialogues K

    Conversations with prominent authors on key themes in their work, in today’s literature, that of our times.

  • Alpha Channel

    The audiovisual programme that invites you to discover literature’s influence on film: the art of narrating and poetising through the moving image.

  • Biblioteques de Barcelona

    Programme of activities organized in collaboration with Biblioteques de Barcelona.

  • Periodisme XXI

    How journalism preserves intact its capacity to tell stories in the era of new technologies.

  • Alícia fa 150 anys

    We’re celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Lewis Carroll classic that is far more than a story for children.

  • L’herència Sebald

    Special programme coinciding with the “Sebald Variations” exhibition, a tribute to W. G. Sebald, one of the most important authors of recent decades.

  • Bookcamp IV. Els límits del llibre

    A meeting devoted to the world of books and the ecosystem of publishing, with talks, workshops and case presentations.

  • Laboratoris de l’escriptura

    Discover the writing that goes on in workshops and encounters with writers—an insight into the process of literary creation.

  • Traduir Europa

    Travelling words and musics: a look at the linguistic bridges that enable intercultural relations in the “old continent”.

  • Activitats infantils i juvenils

    A programme specially devised for the festival’s younger public.