Kosmopolis 15

Alícia fa 150 anysActivitats infantils i juvenils

Family activity

Alicia, Ilaica, Liacia: Tangled Stories of Light

Pol Ducable, Marc Egea, Carles Belda and Jordi Vallverdú. Presents: Marta García-Matos

  • Saturday 21 March, 11.30 - 13.30
  • Theatre
  • 3 €

This family activity connects the spirit of Alice with the twofold nature of light. Alice has a lively, curious mind in an absurd, random world full of paradox and riddle, which nonetheless has a hidden meaning. Light, the means to illuminate and study a reality full of meaning, whose quantic nature, governed by rules of chance, is presented as something beyond any logic. The participants will be making up stories under the influence of chance, in the process discovering the secrets concealed in different lighting tricks. A music group will be singing the collectively constructed story and presenting the meaning that emerges from so much secrecy. In short, a quantum cryptography workshop for all publics.