Kosmopolis 15


PictuWriting for Writers and Illustrators


Laboratoris de l’escriptura

  • Friday 20 March, 16.30 - 18.00
  • Pati Dones. Espai PictoEscriptura
  • Free

VoxPrima, a team of writers, illustrators and linguists that works with some 800 pupils and 70 teachers at six schools in Ciutat Vella, has developed a new, proven and transformative learning method. PictuWriting integrates image and creative thought to develop the essential life competence of writing. Want to take part?

This training session is aimed at writers and illustrators of literature for children, young people, adults or the senile who feel like stepping outside their studios and settling down with 25 kids to collectively create stories and remember how just about everything came about.