Kosmopolis 17


Canal Alfa

Short Films Selection

Alpha Channel

  • Saturday 25 March, 18.40 - 19.30
  • Auditorium
  • Free
  • To Build a Fire

    FX Goby / France – England, 2016, 13’, Original version with Catalan subtitles

    To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Jack London’s death, filmmaker Fx Goby adapts To Build a Fire, the American author’s famous novel. To Build a Fire is an animated short film in 4K Cinemascope that tells the tragic tale of a man and his dog’s fight to survive in the freezing, overwhelmingly hostile nature of the Yukon Territory.

  • Tant de fôrets

    Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet / France, 2014, 3’, Original version with Catalan subtitles

    In this poem, Jacques Prévert criticises the destruction of forests to make paper pulp—paper that is then used to tell people about the dangers of deforestation.

  • Gonzo @ The Derby

    Michael D. Ratner / United States, 2016, 13’02’’, Original version with Catalan subtitles

    The lasting legacy of the 1970 Kentucky Derby has nothing to do with the winner, Dust Commander. Its true impact was provided by the assignment that Scanlan’s Monthly gave to a 32-year-old writer from Louisville, named Hunter S. Thompson.

  • Beti Bezperako Koplak. Coplas de una noche sin mañana

    Agenda Kopla Taldea / Spain, 2016, 5’22’’, Original version with Spanish subtitles

    Based on the celebration of Saint Agatha’s eve, a festive Basque tradition where people go from house to house, accompanied by bertsolaris, singing verses to the rhythm of beating sticks, the bertsolari Maialen Lujanbio offers a gritty condemnation of gender violence. Taking these verses, 20 young artists direct a work of collective creation, using different animation techniques.

  • United Interest

    Tim Weimann / Germany, 2016, 8’56’’, SD

    A cable car ride through the San Francisco of the early 20th century provides the setting for a farewell to the blessings of capitalism. Animated figures against a black-and-white background expose the perversion of endless economic growth.