Kosmopolis 17

Workshop Room 1418

Cosmobilis. Poetry Printing and Typographic Composition Workshop

Josep Pedrals and L'Automàtica

Bookcamp V. Is there a future beyond the book?

  • Saturday 25 March, 17.00 - 20.00
  • Beta Station
  • Free

For Habitació 1418 participants, Kosmopolis is proposing a journey to the interior of books. Within the framework of Kosmopolis, we will be presenting a poetic composition workshop with Josep Pedrals. It will be based on the deconstruction of a text in order to discover that non-linear writing already existed long before the Internet, videogames and trap music. On Saturday 8 April, we will be visiting the moveable-type printing workshop L’Automàtica to print, Gutenberg-style, the collective work produced at the composition workshop.