Kosmopolis 17

Presentation and screening

“Rius de tinta”: Barcelona and literature

David Guzman

Alpha Channel

  • Saturday 25 March, 17.00 - 17.40
  • Auditorium
  • Free


  • David Guzman, director and conductor of Rius de Tinta, presents this new BTV programme about Barcelona and its literature.

    • Screening: Rius de tinta. David Guzman and Eulàlia Guarro / Spain, 2017, 30’, Original version

    Over five centuries ago, some German printers created the myth of Barcelona as a publishing capital. Ever since, the city has been celebrated by poets, playwrights and novelists; Barcelona underwent the decline that Victus spoke of, but also lived the Renaixença extolled by Aribau. Quixote fell, defeated, on the beach at Barcelona, but his struggle is still our struggle today, and ideals stand the test of any knight of the white moon. This project sets out to involve the streets, the readers, the creators, the bookshops and the libraries of a metropolis that exudes literature, and also to pay homage to them. Rius de Tinta is a multiplatform project about the landscapes, the people and the emotions that have inspired pages and pages set in Barcelona.

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