Kosmopolis 19

CCCB 20—24 March 2019

By themes

  • Dialogues K

    Conversing with prominent modern authors on the key themes of their work allows us to probe the subtleties of our own history, the way in which we build our own narratives and the way in which these narratives are written.

  • The Quantum Story

    The great story of quantum physics has changed our perception of “reality”. It has profound geopolitical and economic implications, but it also poses a philosophical, ethical and literary challenge that will be decisive in coming decades.

  • The Feminist Revolution

    The power of feminism and its narratives, which focus on three areas that manage to encapsulate the different currents and manifestations of the new feminisms: the struggle for equality, the role of women in the fight against climate change and feminist sisterhood.

  • Transitions of Capitalism

    Post-capitalist literature forms a heterogenous body of work that takes in everything from accelerationism and singularity to the risks involved in an augmented humanity without knowledge or control of the technologies that rule the world.

  • Stories Lab

    At K19, we’ve created a space for sharing, discussing and testing out new tools and channels for the stories that make the world go round.

  • The Stories that Inspire Kubrick

    To coincide with the end of the “Stanley Kubrick” exhibition at the CCCB, K19 is exploring the stories that have inspired Kubrick’s labyrinth.

  • Open Stage

    Performances, concerts, recitals, Poetry Slam, dramatized readings and film premieres all come together in the diverse platform that is K19.

  • Networked Literature

    K19 fosters links with the UNESCO Barcelona City of Literature office, with the European platform Literature Across Frontiers and with the network of libraries in Barcelona and its province.


  • Xcèntric Archive

    The Xcèntric Archive is a space where you can freely browse more than a thousand innovative and experimental films. Over the course of the festival, you’ll find the Kosmopolis Menu, a selection of pieces that open a window on the world of experimental film through literature (or vice versa).