Kosmopolis 19


This Isn’t About Books: Designing Digital Fiction for Children

With Lucas Ramada Prieto

Stories Lab

  • Thursday 21 March, 10.00 - 18.00
  • Stories lab
  • Free. Registration required

The digital ecosystem is a space with thought-provoking possibilities for creating works of fiction aimed at children. Nevertheless, its ability to combine multiple means of expression or propose structures for communication and participation that go beyond traditional linear designs appears to be seen by some as an obstacle rather than an aesthetic opportunity. This workshop is intended as a space for reversing the prejudices that may exist towards new digital formats through play, reading and creative reflection, focusing on allowing an understanding their constructive processes, curiosity and the enjoyment of this type of work.

The last part of the workshop is focused on getting the first draft of your project into working shape. So if you think you’ll need it, bring some of the basic tools you normally work with (laptop, basic drawing kit, favourite writing pen, etc.).