Kosmopolis 19

Talk and screening

Doubles Vies (Non-Fiction)

Olivier Assayas

France, 2018, 107', original version subtitled in Spanish

Stories LabOpen Stage

  • Friday 22 March, 21.30 - 00.00
  • Theatre
  • 4 €

Alain (Guillaume Canet) is a successful but traditional Parisian publisher who is fighting to adapt to the digital revolution whilst trying at the same time to save his marriage. Meanwhile, he has to deal with the ego of one of his best known and most extravagant authors (Vincent Macaigne), who is pressuring him to publish his latest novel, supported by Alain’s wife Serena (Juliette Binoche), a well-known actress who dreams of greatness. The arrival of a new and ambitious director of communications at the publishing house completely destabilises their lives. A portrait of current times in publishing, in which analogue comes up against the new digital formats.

Initial discussion with Marcel Ventura, Jordi Panyella (Pol·len Edicions) and Bernat Ruiz Domènech.