Kosmopolis 19

Round table

Eva Baltasar, Marta Orriols, Tina Vallès and Laura Pinyol. Presents: Laura Huerga

First Successful Novels

The Feminist Revolution

  • Friday 22 March, 18.00 - 19.00
  • Theatre
  • 3 €

Amongst the thousands of stories that move the world, some of them can be grouped together under the banner of female constellations. While the previous edition talked about a radical and necessary change in mentality led by women, we are now focusing on works of fiction that call upon women through the reality of their experiences. In this round table we bring together Eva Baltasar (Permafrost, 2018), Marta Orriols (Aprendre a parlar amb les plantes [Learning to talk to plants], 2018), Tina Vallès (La memòria de l’arbre [The memory of the tree], 2017) and Laura Pinyol (El risc més gran [The greatest risk], 2018), who have recently published a first successful novel, to talk about the difficulties involved in forging one’s own creative space.