Kosmopolis 21

Artistic intervention

Ariadna Guiteras

The Sleepwalker [Rework]

Liturgies of the Anthropocene

  • Friday 18 June, 17.00
  • La Central del Raval
  • Free

The visual artist Ariadna Guiteras suggests an encounter akin to the sessions of spiritism at the end of the nineteenth century in which, as a ventriloquist or medium, she recovers a host of voices, including those of Amalia Domingo Soler, feminist and anarchist medium of the time; Selver, from the planet of Athshe, one of Ursula K. Le Guin’s worlds; and Gaia, by way of Lynn Margulis’ hypothesis.

This activity is part of the Do-It-Yourself Cosmology project. Artistic interventions in the city’s bookshops.