Kosmopolis 21

Fatoumata Kébé and Albert Forns

The Moon Is a Novel

The never-ending journey

  • Wednesday 16 June, 18.00 - 19.30
  • Theatre
  • 3 €

Fatoumata Kébé discovered space at the age of eight, thanks to her parents’ astronomical encyclopaedia and, ever since, she has been looking at the sky and studying the stars. With L’altra cara de la Lluna (Once Upon a Moon: History, Myths and Legends – Angle Editorial/Blackie Books), this brilliant French astrophysicist pays tribute to our satellite, offering a cultural history of the Moon that reads like a gripping novel. Fatoumata Kébé will talk with the writer and journalist Albert Forns, ranging from the myths and legends that different civilisations have devoted to the queen of the night through to the space race and the influence the Moon has had in films, songs, and even the expressions we use.