Kosmopolis 21


Robert Macfarlane speaks with Gabi Martínez

The Story of the Fire and the Ice

The never-ending journey

  • Sunday 20 June, 12.30 - 14.00
  • Hall
  • 3 €

After ascending the mountains of the mind, plunging into unspoilt nature, and walking the most ancient paths, Robert Macfarlane, a world reference of nature writing, has travelled beneath the Earth’s surface, in Sota terra (Underland, Angle Editorial / Literatura Random House), to bring us closer to the depths of time. The book, an encyclopaedia of the subsoil with reports on tombs, mines, glaciers, and nuclear waste disposal facilities, is the starting point for this discussion with Gabi Martínez, promotor of the idea of Liternatura. The two writers will try to construct a new story about nature, one that draws attention to the importance of looking after marginal spaces and biodiversity when faced with the greyness of the Anthropocene.

Robert Macfarlane will participate by videoconference.