Kosmopolis 21

Talk and screening

Journey to Mars: First Stop

The never-ending journey

  • Saturday 19 June, 11.30 - 13.00
  • Theatre
  • Free with pre-booking

Over a period of three months, five groups of men and women creators, activists, thinkers, and young people who have migrated unaccompanied have formed the crew of a metaphorical mission to Mars in order to reflect upon the experience of the journey itself and the future we have in common. Now they make their first stop of this interplanetary mission to share their questions. Why will the “house” of the future be useful? What will we mean when we say “now” tomorrow? How should we prepare for a “move” to the planet Mars? What is the “recipe” that we will hand down to future generations? And what does “LINVER” mean?

In this station of the journey, at the Kosmopolis Festival, the 20 crew members will share their experiences and collective creations. In this session they will also premiere five audiovisual pieces, directed by the artist Tanit Plana, in which they star. The pieces are part of the project of audiovisual creation A Vocabulary for the Future and have been made with the collaboration of the choreographer Candela Capitán and the 3D generalist Guillermo Enforma.

The project “Journey to Mars” will make its second stop in autumn this year with the launch of a book published by Edicions Poncianes and the CCCB, which will bring together the entire experience of this communitarian project in which the association Punt de referència will also take part.