Kosmopolis 19

Team K19

Kosmopolis is a project by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), a public consortium attached to the Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council) and Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council). The CCCB’s projects are made possible thanks to all of its staff and a long list of collaborating people, companies, organisations and groups.

Kosmopolis 2019 has featured the special involvement of:

  • Concept and direction
    • Juan Insua
  • General coordination
    • Maria Romero
  • Concept and coordination of the Stories lab
    • Maria Farràs Drago
    • Eulàlia Guarro Rosell
  • Website and programme texts
    • Mireia Manjón
    • Rosa Puig
  • Press, web, social networks and online contents
    • Press and social networks unit
    • Cristina Fort
  • Advice on contents
    • Jorge Carrión
    • Hipnotik
    • Laura Huerga
    • Marta Garcia Matos
    • Abel González (Primavera Sound)
    • Alberto Granda
    • Alberto Guijarro (Primavera Sound)
    • Lucas Ramada
    • Bernat Ruiz Domènech
    • Arnau Sabaté (Primavera Sound)
    • Víctor Sala (Serielizados)
  • Dissemination, advertising and audiences
    • Dissemination and External Resources Service
  • Graphic design communication
      • Hey!
      • Usted
  • Space design and lighting
    • Eva Alonso
    • Production Unit of the CCCB
  • Audiovisuals and multimedia
    • Toni Curcó

A CCCB Lab project with the participation of the CCCB team: the Dissemination and External Resources Service, the Cultural Activities Department, the Production Unit, the Administrative and General Services, the Audiovisuals Service, the Exhibitions Service, the CCCB’s Centre for Documentation and Debate and CCCB Education.