Kosmopolis 21


The Literature That’s Coming

Of science, the method of trial and error. Of philosophy, the questions no one asks. Of poetry, consciousness of what doesn’t yet have a name. Of mysticism, the ancestral quest for transcendence. And also, of the millennial complex of myths, the need to create and tell ourselves stories that give sense to life on a wounded planet.

Literature for the age of climate emergency, biocentric awareness, and the birth of a multiplanetary future. Literature that shuns classification, where genres mingle, and each work is an exploration of uncharted territories. Science that needs fiction in order to be desired. Fiction that needs science in order to be plausible. Literary species that keep mutating, like literal species. Martian species, companion species. These are the frictions of a future that challenges us. It is literature, which always amplifies us. The literature that’s coming, the literature that’s arriving.