K Dialogues

K Team

06 June 2019

Conversing with prominent modern authors on the key themes of their work allows us to probe the subtleties of our own history, the way in which we build our own narratives and the way in which these narratives are written. These are some of the talks we were able to see at K19.

Gonçalo M. Tavares and Enrique Vila-Matas. Explorers Among Ruins

OV Spanish and Portuguese (View OV with translation into Catalan)

Gonçalo M. Tavares and Enrique Vila-Matas are two big names in modern literature with radically different aesthetics and literary offerings but who, from different perspectives, trace the course of time’s disappearance and dissolution.


Susan Orlean and Bel Olid

OV English / (View OV with translation into Catalan)

We speak to Susan Orlean, one of the leading lights in modern American cultural journalism, who has written for The New Yorker magazine since 1987. Orlean is the author of The Library Book, considered the best non-fiction book of the past twenty years.


Han Kang and Jorge Carrión. Fiction as a Scalpel

OV with translation into Spanish (View OV Korean and Spanish)

With The Vegetarian, Han Kang has become the most prominent female Korean writer. The novel discusses insubordination, misogynist violence, contemporary art, food and humans’ relationship with the plant world, amongst other questions. The writer talks about this with the writer Jorge Carrión.


Juan Antonio Bayona and Àngel Sala. Tales of High Fantasy

OV Spanish

The characters and creatures created as part of the grand tradition of fantasy literature have offered a constant source of inspiration for the great filmmakers who have tackled this genre. J. A. Bayona, currently one of the most relevant names in fantasy film, speaks with Àngel Sala, director of the Sitges-International Fantasy Film Festival of Catalonia.