The Quantum Story

K Team

06 June 2019

The great story of quantum physics has changed our perception of “reality”. It has profound geopolitical and economic implications, but it also poses a philosophical, ethical and literary challenge that will be decisive in coming decades. These are some of the activities related with quantum physics we were able to see at K19.

Philip Ball and José Ignacio Latorre. Keys Aspects and Dilemmas of the Quantum Story

OV English (View OV with translation into Catalan)

The scientist and essayist Philip Ball, winner of the Physics World 2018 award, and José Ignacio Latorre, one of Spain’s leading quantum physicists, reveal the key aspects and dilemmas of the great quantum story after the screening of That’s the story.


Lisa Randall. How Physics Scales the Universe

OV English (View OV with translation into Catalan)

Lisa Randall is one of the most important female scientists of our time, author of seminal works that have contributed to our understanding of the universe (or universes) that we live in. Lisa Randall explains how physics influences us at different levels and how we conceive the universe.


Víctor Sala, Joan Burdeus and Sonia Fernández-Vidal. Why Are Scriptwriters Obsessed with Physics?

OV Catalan

The PhD physicist Sonia Fernández Vidal explains some of the theories of physics and quantum physics. Meanwhile, the philosopher Joan Burdeus and the TV critic Víctor Sala show how they are used by the scriptwriters of series such as The Sopranos, True Detective and Rick & Morty.