The Stories that Inspire Kubrick

K Team

06 June 2019

To coincide with the end of the “Stanley Kubrick” exhibition at the CCCB, K19 is exploring the stories that have inspired Kubrick’s labyrinth. These are some of the activities that we presented.

Jordi Costa and Vicente Molina Foix. Kubrick’s Labyrinth

OV Spanish

The writer Vicente Molina Foix, who collaborated with the filmmaker in the Spanish dubbing of his films and wrote the book Kubrick en casa (At home with Kubrick), and the curator and film critic Jordi Costa discuss the unique character of a creative genius in whom the commitment and honesty of the craftsman always remained.


Simon Roy, Rodrigo Fresán and Laura Fernández. The Stories that Move Kubrick

OV Spanish and French (View OV with translation into Spanish)

Simon Roy, Rodrigo Fresán and Laura Fernández talk about the key aspects and framing of all these stories that Kubrick felt compelled to transfer to the big screen, moving us all in the process.