Open Stage

K Team

06 June 2019

Performances, concerts, recitals, Poetry Slam, dramatized readings and film premiers all come together in the diverse platform that is Kosmopolis. These are some of the activities we presented at K19.

Jocelyn Pook Ensemble. Women’s Magazine Tango

The beautiful and hypnotic music of the Jocelyn Pook Ensemble is the ideal soundtrack for the K19 inaugural session. In this concert Pook’s compositions are brought to life with the artful voices of Melanie Pappenheim and Tanja Tzarovska and the carnatic singing of Manickam Yogeswaren, who accompany the Ensemble’s string quartet, Gothic harp and Arabic qanun.


Blixa Bargeld and the meaning of letter K

OV English

The unexpected preamble by Blixa Bargeld at the tenth edition of Kosmopolis. The German artist offers us a short dissertation on the meaning of the letter K in the Egyptian alphabet, identifies the element corresponding to it on Mendeleiev’s periodic table, and the specific usefulness of its employment on stage. This is Bargeld in his purest form, with the originality and talent that characterise him.


Blixa Bargeld. Solo Vocal Performance

OV English

Blixa Bargeld, vocalist with Einstürzende Neubauten and a pioneer of industrial music, offers us a performance in which he shows that his voice is able to produce almost impossible sounds, whilst at the same time including scientific, poetic and philosophical games with his characteristic elegance.


María José Llergo. Canción de Soldados

We’re celebrating the end of K19 with a concert by María José Llergo, one of the most prominent voices in contemporary flamenco and a singer with a particular affinity for lyrics that shine a light on social struggles. She is accompanied by Marc López on the guitar.


María José Llergo. Volver

We’re celebrating the end of K19 with a concert by María José Llergo, who sings about love, sadness and incomprehension with a beautiful voice and an honesty that are reminiscent of generations of singers gone by. She is accompanied by Marc López on the guitar.


Josep Pedrals, Taller Estampa and Carles Pedragosa. Deep Blue Rhapsody

OV Spanish and Catalan

An artificial intelligence has read all the sonnets by Josep Pedrals and has thus learnt to create poetry. Or that’s what it wants us to believe. We pit man against machine for a live poetry impro face-off: Pedrals vs The Bad Student.


1rst Schools’ Poetry Slam Championship

OV Spanish and Catalan

The 1st Schools’ Poetry Slam Championship is the culmination of three months of work by students from  four high schools in the city  and local poets from the Poetry Slam Barcelona network. Through words and body language, the objective is to give young people the tools to develop their creativity whilst offering a space for social relationships and the exchange of ideas.


The Stories that Move the Slam. Fourth edition of Gran Slam Barcelona

OV Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Dutch

Poetry Slam with Marta B., Adriana Bertrán, Comikk MG, Dive Dibosso, Rakaya Fetuga, Margalida Followthelida, Lisette Ma Neza, Diego Mattarucco, Dani Orviz, Payaso Manchego and Saiban. The greatest international exponents of Poetry Slam come together in this edition of the festival, whose underlying thread is the stories that move the world. and poets will recreate the Kosmopolis slogan.