Guide for following Kosmopolis wherever you may be

Eva Rexach (K Team)

17 March 2015

A festival like Kosmopolis could not call itself the “Amplified Literature Fest” if it did not offer all of its contents on all possible channels. Therefore, we have selected some activities so that you can follow them by streaming wherever you may be. In addition, our social networks and our website will be updated with all the latest information so that you don’t miss a thing.

Video streaming

This year, via the Kosmopolis website, you will be able to follow five chats that will offer a broad view of the festival and of the issues that will be covered:

Wednesday 18 March at 7 p.m.: Taiye Selasi and Xavier Aldekoa. The Afropolitan Condition: a debate between the writer of Ghanaian-Nigerian origin and the correspondent in the African continent regarding what it means to be African, and the numerous Africas.

Thursday 19 March at 8.30 p.m.: William T. Vollmann and Juan Francisco Ferré. Literature on the Edge: a cult author, a reference of American letters, next to the winner of the Herralde Prize 2012.

Friday 20 March at 8.30 p.m.: David Grossman and Carles Torner. Sebald and Grossman: Parallel Ambitions: a dialogue on the literary affinities between the German author and one of the greatest authorities on Israeli literature.

Saturday 21 March at 7.30 p.m.: Jon Lee Anderson and Martín Caparrós. Wars and Hunger: two current affairs chroniclers meet face to face to talk about two crucial issues in our world.

Saturday 21 March at 9 p.m.: Rachel Kushner and Eduardo Lago. The Speed of Fiction: one of the most exciting new authors in American letters and the Spanish writer and journalist who knows her work best.

Social networks

The two main social networks will also be reporting live from the festival: follow @kosmopolisCCCB and join the festival’s Facebook page to stay abreast of timings and discover new contents.

The official hashtags are #K15 and #Kosmopolis. And to ensure you don’t miss anything from the BookCamp workshops, follow #Bookcamp.

The accounts @cececebe and @CCCBLab will also offer additional information on the Amplified Literature Fest.


The Kosmopolis website, which we have totally renovated this year, will also be an important information point for finding out the latest news. It’s a totally responsive website, and you can go there now to download the complete programme.