The Filmed Word


23 July 2019

The marriage between literature and screen has always offered fertile ground, and even more so in recent decades. Since its beginnings, Kosmopolis has been keen to explore the presence and influence of literary works in TV series and films. These are some of the activities that we presented.


Jordi Costa and Vicente Molina Foix. Kubrick’s Labyrinth

VO Spanish

Stanley Kubrick’s film oeuvre appears to be timeless. The writer Vicente Molina Foix, who collaborated with the filmmaker in the Spanish dubbing of his films and wrote the book Kubrick en casa (At home with Kubrick), and the curator and film critic Jordi Costa discuss the unique character of a creative genius in whom the commitment and honesty of the craftsman always remained.


Simon Roy, Rodrigo Fresán and Laura Fernández. The Stories that Move Kubrick

VO Spanish and French (View OV with translation into Spanish)

Stanley Kubrick was undoubtedly one of the greatest storytellers with a camera in history. Every single one of his films were based on books, be they literary classics or bestsellers. Simon Roy, Rodrigo Fresán and Laura Fernández talk about the key aspects and framing of all these stories that Kubrick felt compelled to transfer to the big screen.


Juan Antonio Bayona and Àngel Sala. Tales of High Fantasy

VO Spanish

The characters and creatures created as part of the grand tradition of fantasy literature have offered a constant source of inspiration for the great filmmakers who have tackled this genre. J. A. Bayona, currently one of the most relevant names in fantasy film, speaks with Àngel Sala, director of the Sitges International Fantasy Film Festival of Catalonia


Brian W. Aldiss. I Kissed Kubrick’s Daughter

VO English

The writer outlines the essential characteristics of the best science fiction, calling for special intelligence on the part of the reader, a necessary participant in a “fierce game” in which Aldiss tends to attack fundamental beliefs that other forms of popular literature only go to confirm.


Jorge Carrión and Nacho Vigalondo. The Battle of the Series

VO Spanish

When it comes to science fiction in the 21st century, which is at the forefront – film or television? Which language is better, more daring, more suitable, more innovative? Have series overtaken film? Are Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Fringe more interesting than Matrix and Prometheus? The film director Nacho Vigalondo and the writer Jorge Carrión debate these questions.


Jo Nesbø, Marc Pastor and Serielizados. Harry Hole, Occupied and Other Nordic Stories

VO Spanish and English (View OV with translation into Catalan)

Marc Pastor talks with Jo Nesbø, Norwegian musician and writer, creator of the series Occupied. His crime novels translated into over 50 languages have made him a true international phenomenon.