The Feminist Revolution

K Team

06 June 2019

The power of feminism and its narratives, which focus on three areas that manage to encapsulate the different currents and manifestations of the new feminisms: the struggle for equality, the role of women in the fight against climate change and feminist sisterhood. These are some of the activities related with the feminist revolution that we presented at K19.

Mona Eltahawy and Najat El Hachmi. Genuine Freedom

OV Catalan and English (View VO with Catalan translation)

The daughters of Muslim families in Europe must face different challenges to defend their individual freedoms and their emancipation as women: the patriarchal traditions, the onslaughts of racism, the Islamic fundamentalism and a certain relativism. In the face of all this, what they want is a genuine freedom, unconditioned by origin, class or identity.


Eva Baltasar, Marta Orriols, Tina Vallès and Laura Pinyol. First Successful Novels

OV Catalan

In this round table we bring together Eva Baltasar, Marta Orriols, Tina Vallès and Laura Pinyol, who have recently published a first successful novel, to talk about the difficulties involved in forging one’s own creative space.


Paula Bonet. The Pregnant Body Without a Foetus

OV Spanish

The art of Paula Bonet focuses on the dramatic experiences of women, previously silenced by heteropatriarchal culture. Bonet’s literature, as well as exposing and normalising issues such as pregnancy and miscarriage, shows a resilient creative process that helps the artist and her readers to heal wounds. This conference covers works related to Bonet’s experience, such as Roedores (Rodents) and La Sed (The Thirst).


Natza Farré. Sexism in the Headlines

OV Catalan

With her characteristic acidic humour, journalist Natza Farré ­­­carries out a critical reading of various headlines. A session that looks at narratives in journalism, helping us to become aware of the importance of language when trying to eradicate sexism.


Laura Huerga, Llucia Ramis and Luna Miguel. Why Women will Save the Planet

OV Catalan and Spanish

Laura Huerga, Llucia Ramis and Luna Miguel present the provocative collection of texts Per què les dones salvaran el planeta? (Why will women save the planet?, 2019), which features contributions from key figures in the ecofeminism movement such as Yayo Herrero, Vandana Shiva, Caroline Lucas and Maria Mies.


Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin. Talk with Ian Watson and Laura Huerga

OV Catalan and English (View OV with Catalan translation)

Ian Watson and Laura Huerga talk about the film Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin by Arwen Curry (USA, 2018, 68′), a documentary which offers a journey through the worlds, both the real and the fictional, of Ursula K. Le Guin, best known for her transgressive science fiction and fantasy novels.