Networked Literature

K Team

06 June 2019

Kosmopolis fosters links with the UNESCO Barcelona City of Literature office, with the European platform Literature Across Frontiers and with the network of libraries in Barcelona and its province. These are some of the networked activities we presented at K19.

Tatiana Goransky and Marina Espasa. Barcelona - Buenos Aires: Once mil kilómetros

OV Spanish

The Catalan metropolis and the Argentinian capital are united by an extraordinary literary tradition. Barcelona - Buenos Aires: Once mil kilómetros (Barcelona - Buenos Aires: Eleven Thousand Kilometres) attempts to build bridges between the two cities through twenty-two stories written by male and female authors who faithfully represent the current literary pulse on either side of the Atlantic.


Mon Mas, Beatriz Martin Vidal and Martha Escudero. Debat a bat (Wide Open Debate), Encouraging Dialogue with Young People Through Illustrated Albums

VO Catalan and Spanish

Debat a bat is a project created to enable educational work with young people between the ages of 12 and 16 through illustrated albums. In this talk we explore how the spoken and written illustrated classics offer the chance to enter the labyrinth of major universal issues. They are the crack through which to see and explain the world through references and subjects that remain unchanged through the passage of time.


Nuccio Ordine. Eulogy for the Critical (and Useless) Reading of Stories

OV Catalan, Spanish and Italian (View OV with Translation into Spanish)

Nuccio Ordine is professor of Italian literature and author various books that defend the value of humanistic knowledge. The author speaks to Olga Cuadrado and Julián Figueres about their work; a passionate manifesto that appeals to the true meaning of life through literature and philosophy.


Daniel Cassany. Eulogy for the Critical (and Useless) Reading of Stories

OV Catalan

Daniel Cassany is the author of books that offer a wide ranging and interdisciplinary analysis of the processes connected with writing and reading. The author speaks to Juan Carlos Calvo about the actions, techniques and activities involved in the interpretation of texts.


Rasha Abbas, Hamid Sulaiman, Golan Haji and Bashkim Shehu. Stories from Exile

OV English (View OV with Translation into Spanish)

The Syrian writers Rasha Abbas, Hamid Sulaiman and Golan Haji talk to us about their experience as authors who have been forced to leave behind their country and find refuge in another in order to create their work.