Post-Eurocon: Authors You Need to Know


25 November 2016

Of the many authors who passed through the Eurocon, we’ve selected the ones-not-to-miss and propose a series of short interviews in which they introduce themselves and give a short tour of their work. It’s your chance to enter Ian Whates’ world of angry robots and dark angels, Lisa Tuttle’s stories of terror and mechanisms of estrangement, and Richard Morgan’s hardboiled fiction; to meet Aliette de Bodard and her alternative universes, and Adam Roberts and his history of science fiction, and to discover the variety of themes that Charles Stross weaves into his works.

In early November, Eurocon took place at the CCCB, turning Barcelona into the epicentre of fantastic literature and science fiction. The convention, Europe’s biggest devoted to this genre and sold out since five months ago, offered a packed programme with over 180 events.