Sam Abrams

Poet, translator, critic and essayist.

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Graduate in Hispanic Studies from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, he is currently a teacher of contemporary Catalan poetry and literary theory at the Open University of Catalunya.

As a poet he has translated, among other works, Calculations… (1997), Oda a un ase i altres poemes, (1999), T’estimo. Més de cent poemes d’amor i desig (2002) and La mirada estrangera (2005). He is also the author of Tenebra blanca (2001), the first anthology of contemporary Catalan prose poems. He has translated some twenty volumes of modern Catalan poetry into English, as well as, into Catalan, The poems of Thomas Hardy (2001), alongside Joan Margarit; I am no one.  Who are you? (2002), an anthology of poems by Emily Dickinson, translated as a homage to Marià Manent; and Projective verse (2006), a legendary essay on poetic theory by Charles Olson. He has also corrected diverse editions of poetry, including: Poesia anglesa i nord-americana (1994) and El llarg dinar de Nadal (2000) by Thorton Wilder, among others.

He has been Secretary of the Catalan Centre of PEN and is a frequent contributor to the opinion pages of the cultural supplements of the newspapers Avui and El Mundo Catalunya.

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