Borja Bagunyà

A writer, co-founder of the Escola Bloom, and editor of the magazine CARN DE CAP, he combines writing with teaching.

© Image courtesy of Borja Bagunyà

Borjà Bagunyà (Barcelona, 1982) lectures in Literary Theory and Comparative. He is one of the founders of Escola Bloom and an editor of the magazine of creative writing CARN DE CAP. He has published several volumes of short stories: Apunts per al retrat d’una ciutat (Notes for a City Portrait, Arola, 2004); Defensa pròpia (Self Defense, Proa, 2007), which was awarded the Mercè Rodoreda Prize, and Plantes d’interior (Indoor Plants, Empúries, 2011, 2023). In 2018, he published Trapologia (Trapology, Ara Llibres, 2018), co-written with Max Besora. Els angles morts (Dead Angles, Periscopi, 2021) is his first novel, and was awarded the 2022 Spanish Critic’s Prize, in the Catalan narrative category. He has recently published Sessió de control/Una casa fosca i un flagell (Control session/A Dark House and a Lash, Comanegra, 2023) and the essay Breu història del mandat (A Brief History of the Mandate, Fragmenta, 2023).

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