Laura Bates

Founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, a website against modern misogyny with over 150,000 testimonies from people all over the world contributing to the new global wave of feminism.

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In 2012, Laura Bates (Oxford, 1986) created the Everyday Sexism Project, a website where women can completely anonymously and freely report sexism situations they have suffered. The project has been described as one of the greatest cases of success on the social media networks, with contributions from women users from twenty other countries.

Following the success of the initiative, Bates published the book Everyday Sexism (Simon & Schuster, 2014), with the aim of inspiring women to instigate real change, and it climbed to become one of the bestselling non-fiction books of the year. In 2015, she was awarded the British Empire Medal for services to gender equality. And in 2013 she received the Ultimate New Feminist Award from Cosmopolitan.

Bates is a regular contributor writing for different media such as The Guardian, The Independent and TIME magazine. In her work as a feminist activist, she is a member of various organisations that fight for the women’s rights, such as Women Under Siege.

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