Paula Bonet

Writer, illustrator and painter with international projection. Her latest work, Roedores, is a work with a literary background that uses illustration to narrate a dramatic and resilient experience.

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Paula Bonet (Vila-real, 1980) earned a degree in the Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and completed her artistic education in Santiago de Chile, New York and Urbino. Her artistic work focuses on oil painting, printmaking and illustration, and has strong connections with the performing arts, music and literature. This intersection has culminated in the publication of books such as Qué hacer cuando en la pantalla aparece The End (Lunwerg, 2014), 813 (La Galera, 2015) and La Sed (Lunwerg, 2016), a long poem in a feminist key. She has recently published Roedores. Cuerpo de embarazada sin embrión (Random House, 2018), a book in the format of a diary accompanied by an illustrated animal factbook intended to normalise a reality as common as that of spontaneous miscarriage, which is often silenced.

Paula Bonet has exhibited her work in Barcelona, Madrid, Oporto, Paris, London, Belgium, Urbino, Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Valencia, Miami and Mexico. In October 2018 she was awarded a High Distinction from the Valencian Government with the Medal for Cultural Merit.

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