Sophie Collins

A British writer, her work is characterised by poetry that combines lyricism and conceptualism.

Sophie Collins is a poet, translator and editor. She grew up in Bergen, North Holland (England) and currently lives in Edinburgh. In 2014, she received the Eric Gregory Award. She is the co-editor of Tender, a digital arts journal, and as part of her PhD at Queen’s University Belfast she edited Currently & Emotion (2016), an anthology of contemporary translations of poetry. In 2017 she published Small White Monkeys, an intimate text written during her residency at the Glasgow Women’s Library. Her book of poems Who Is Mary Sue? , published in February 2018, was nominated for the Poetry Book Society’s Spring Selection and won the Michael Murphy Memorial Prize in 2019. Her poetry is characterised by a style that blurs the traditional boundaries between lyrical and conceptualist poetry. Her career earned her admission to the Royal Society of Literature in 2018.

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