Dive Dibosso

Musical producer.

Dive Dibosso became known as producer of the hip-hop group 7 notas 7 colores, with which he was nominated for the Latin Grammy awards in 2000. In Spain, he has produced tracks with the country’s leading hip-hop artists, notable amongst which is Mala Rodríguez. His song Yo marco el minuto (I Mark the Minute, Yo gano/Universal, 00) was the central track of the film Lucía y el sexo (2001), which was directed by Julio Medem.

Previous activities

Kosmopolis 19

The Stories that Move the Slam

Poetry Slam with Marta B., Adriana Bertrán, Comikk MG, Dive Dibosso, Rakaya Fetuga, Margalida Followthelida, Lisette Ma Neza, Diego Mattarucco, Dani Orviz and Saiban

Kosmopolis 15

Alice in Wonderslam: Barcelona Grand Slam

Bohdan Piasecki, Nilson Muniz, Isa García, Michael James Parker, Salva Soler, Diego Mattarucco, Kristoph Horvath, Jee Kast, Seis en raya and Set sentits. Presenter: Payaso Manchego. Dj: Dive Dibosso