Natza Farré

Journalist and scriptwriter with an irreverent style, a reference point in Catalan journalism. She is author of the book Curs de feminisme per a microones

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Natzá Farré (Barcelona, 1972) has been working for years in media with a markedly feminist perspective. She is notable for her direct, irreverent and acid sharp voice, which has led to be a scriptwriter for “La competència”, a political-social-satirical radio programme on RAC1.

She is the author of Curs de feminisme per a microones (Ara Llibres, 2016), a short and direct essay that attacks instances of everyday micro-sexism with her usual ironic and non-conformist tone. The book’s aim is to raise awareness among women regarding these inequalities in order to build a fairer future in all areas of life: education, language, culture, the media and politics.

Natza Farré also participates in television programmes such as “Ja t’ho faràs!“ on TV3, and writes a weekly back-page column for Catalan newspaper Ara.

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