Adriano Galante

Singer, Founder and Musician of the Sonora Action Collective, Performance and Free Song, Seward.

© CCCB, Glòria Solsona

Adriano Galante is founder, singer and musician in the sound action, performance and free song collective Seward. With more than 10 years in action, Seward are known for understanding music as a tool for exploring its limits, from how to write and play songs to how to be on stage, record, edit and distribute discs, as well as opening the group to other disciplines, collaborating with artistes such as Jordi Oriol, Adriana Vila and Javier Gallego Crudo.

Since 2005, Galante has found his place in the intersection between collective creation, interdisciplinary interpretation, critical thinking, community management and artistic curation, promoting and forming part of various spaces, cultural events, and theatre, dance, music and performance companies, such as Konvent Puntzero, No Callarem, BAM Cultura Viva and Artists At Risk.

Adriano has just premiered his performative talk Entrar a vivir at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona, is working on the co-creation of the show Demoledora, sharing a stage with David Climent (, preparing his first disc in Spanish with violinist Sara Fontán and the producers B1N0, and continues to expand his unpublished collection of poetic essays, Preposicionarse, which he started writing in 2006 and which will be published in 2021/22.

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