Marina Garcés

Philosopher and writer

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Marina Garcés (Barcelona, 1973) is a tenured lecturer in Philosophy at the UOC. Her work is mainly concerned with politics, critical thought and the need to build up a philosophical voice that is able to interpellate and commit. She is author of the books En las prisiones de lo posible (In the Prisons of the Possible, Bellaterra, 2002), Un mundo común (A Common World, Bellaterra, 2013) and Filosofía inacabada (Unfinished Philosophy, Galaxia Gutenberg, 2015). Her latest book is Ciutat Princesa (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2018). She has also written for many periodical and collective publications. In 2002, she was a founder, and is still coordinator of the project “Espai en Blanc”, a group initiative in favour of a committed, practical and experimental relationship with philosophical thought.

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