Víctor García Tur

A writer and designer, he was awarded the 2021 Sant Jordi Prize for L’aigua que vols (The Water You Want).

© Emily McBride

With prose exploring key ideas for constructing a sense of the human, for example language, death, and family, he received the 2008 Documenta Prize with his short story collection Twistanschauung (Empúries), and the 2018 Mercè Rodoreda prize for the collection titled El país dels cecs (Land of the Blind, Proa). His three novels, Els ocells (The Birds, Empúries 2015), Els romanents (Those That Remained, Empúries 2017) and L’aigua que vols (The Water You Want – Enciclopèdia Catalana i Òmnium Cultural, 2020), have received the Marian Vayreda, the Just M. Casero, and Sant Jordi prizes, respectively. He presently teaches at the Eina University School of Design and Art and at the Bloom School of Literature where his classes invite students to think beyond the human. Among other projects, he has worked on Number 3 of the magazine CARN DE CAP for which he wrote the piece “Fedra (o els arxius)” (Phaedra (or the Files)). As a graphic designer, he has taken part in producing the special edition of the magazine Branca titled Els coets venien com llagostes (The Rockets Came Like Locusts), which is produced with the CCCB on the occasion of Kosmopolis 2021.

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