Blanca Haddad

Poet, artist and musician

© CCCB, Glòria Solsona

Blanca Haddad (Caracas, 1972) is one of the most representative figures of the Latin American underground. Her work is interdisciplinary, ranging from painting and poetry to video art, mixing autobiographical content with testimonies of a social nature.

She won the Premio Santander Award for Academic Excellence for her studies in Social Development and International Health at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She has worked with migrant and refugee populations as an art therapist and educator. She has three published books of poetry, she is director of the experimental stage company NES, forms part of the Venezuelan punk band LXS RONFIR and has worked as a columnist and poet for various magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times and El Nacional’s Papel Literario supplement. She is currently resident in Catalonia, where she is working on her artistic career.

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