Laura Huerga Ayza

Writer, publisher and co-founder of the Raig Verd publishing company, which has received international recognition for its dissemination of good literature.

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Laura Huerga is a publisher and founder, together with Jordi Fernández, of Raig Verd Editorial, which publishes narrative and non-fiction for adults with the aim of giving more space to works that are inquisitive, committed, bold, non-conformist and demanding from the most diverse cultures and languages.

The first book of narrative released by her publishing company, A dalt tot està tranquil (2012) by Gerbrand Bakker, won the Llibreter prize. In the year 2015, the same month that Svetlana Alexievich received the Nobel Prize, they published her work Temps de segona mà. La fi de l’home roig (2015). It has published authors such as Kevin Barry, Jean Echenoz, Ali Smith, Peter Handke and Ngugi wa Thiong’o and has received recognition internationally as an outstanding publisher for the dissemination of good literature.

Together with Blanca Busquets she has written the book Tu, calla! on freedom of expression, demonstration and information within the context of Spain’s “gag law” and the reform of its Penal Code in 2015. She also contributes to the El Nacional cultural supplement, La Llança.

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