Francisco Jota-Pérez

A writer with a strong penchant for experimental narrative, his hybrid work combines novel, poetry and essay formats.

Francisco Jota-Pérez is the author of the novels Aceldama (Origami, 2014), Pasaje a las dehesas de invierno (Esdrújula, 2015), Teratoma (Orciny Press, 2017) and Endo (Orciny Press, 2019) and of poetry collections such as Napalm Satori (Ediciones Efímeras, 2009), Ignotus Poetry Prize 2010 and Luz simiente (El Transbordador, 2017). He has also published multiple texts in specialised journals such as SuperSonic, NGC 3660, Alfa Eridiani and Necronomicón, among others. In 2016 he wrote the screenplay for Nuestra amiga la luna (Velasco Broca), which was awarded best fiction short film at the Malaga Film Festival 2017 and best work in the category “Gender and Avant-Garde” at the Buenos Aires International Festival that same year. His work, markedly irreverent and experimental, combines science fiction and philosophical reflection. Throughout his career he has also translated the work of the philosophers Eugene Thacker and Alberto Toscano into Spanish, and he has collaborated with the artist Paco Chanivet in the creation of pieces exhibited at the Joan Miró Foundation and the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.