Jean-Yves Jouannais

French art critic, curator and essayist, for over 10 years editor-in-chief of the prestigious international contemporary art review Artpress.

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Jean-Yves Jouannais (Montluçon, 1964), art critic, cofounded the Revue Perpendiculaire and was editor-in-chief of Artpress for ten years. He has curated prestigious exhibitions such as L’Histoire de l’Infamie at the Venice Biennale (1995), Le Fou dédoublé. L’idiotie dans l’art du XXe siècle in Moscow (2000), Lost in the Supermarket at the Fondation Ricard (2001) and La Force de l’art 02 at the Grand Palais (2009).

Jouannais has written several essays, including Artistes sans œuvres. I would prefer not to (Hazan, 1997), Des nains, des jardins, essais sur le kitsch pavillonnaire (Hazan, 1999) and the successful L’idiotie (Beaux-Arts Magazine livres, 2003), as well as the novel Jésus Hermès Congrès (Verticales, 2001). In 2014 he received the Roger Caillois Essay Prize of the PEN Club in France.

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