Ana Llurba

One of the emerging voices in Latin American literature, with a body of work that includes horror stories, philosophical essays and poetry.

© Celina Bordino

Born in Argentina, Ana Llurba lived in Barcelona for many years, during which time she published her first texts and began working in the world of publishing. Her writing has been translated into Portuguese, Italian, Polish, English and German and is characterised by an interest in posthuman and feminist narratives. In 2015 she received the Antonio Colinas Young Poetry Prize for Este es el momento exacto en que el tiempo empieza a correr (Ediciones de Isla de Siltolá, 2015) and in 2018 she published her first novel, La puerta del cielo (Aristas Martínez), distinguished by an eclectic narrative with large doses of humor and that plays with religious mythology. She has also published the book of short stories Constelaciones familiares (Aristas Martínez, 2020), a finalist for the Celsius Prize during the Black Week in Gijón and the essay Érase otra vez. Cuentos de hadas contemporáneos (Editorial Wunderkammer, 2021), in which she outlines an original critique of the fairy tale archetypes from a feminist perspective. She collaborates with various media outlets and has participated in various artistic and writing projects such as the third issue of the literary magazine Carn de Cap published by the Bloom School.

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