Vicente Molina Foix

Novelist, poet, dramatist, critic and film director. His latest novel, Kubrick en casa (2019), focuses on the figure of meticulous filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, based on his experience collaborating on the translation of five of his films.

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Vicente Molina Foix (Elche) studied Philosophy. He continued his education in England, where he graduated in History of Art from the University of London, and subsequently worked as a lecturer in Spanish Literature in Oxford for three years.

Dramatist, critic and film director, his literary work has taken place mainly in the field of the novel. His main publications are: Busto (Barral Prize 1973), Los padres viudos (Azorín Prize 1983), La Quincena Soviética (Herralde Prize 1988), El vampiro de la calle Méjico (2002, Anagrama, Alfonso García Ramos Prize), El abrecartas (Anagrama, Salambó Prize and National Literature Prize 2007), El invitado amargo (co-written with Luis Cremades, Anagrama, 2014), and El joven sin alma. Novela romántica (Anagrama, 2017). He has also published collections of short stories and lyrical poetry, as well as film reviews brought together in El cine estilográfico (Anagrama, 1996).

In his work Kubrick en casa (Anagrama, 2019), Molina Foix recounts the relationship that he built up over the course of twenty years with meticulous craftsman-filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, with whom he worked translating five of his films into Spanish.

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