Bel Olid

Winner of the Roc Boronat, Documenta and QWERTY awards, she is one of the most important voices of the Catalan generation of the seventies.

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Bel Olid (Mataró, 1977) is a writer and translator. She published her first book in the year 2009, Crida ben fort, Estela!, with which she won the Qwerty prize for best children’s book. It was followed by Una terra solitària (Empúries, 2010), which won the Documenta prize for narrative; the non-fictional work Les heroïnes contraataquen. Models literaris contra l’universal masculí a la literatura infantil i juvenil (Pagès, 2010), which won the Rovelló Prize for essay; and the short stories collections La mala reputació (Proa, 2012), which won the Roc Boronat, and Vents més salvatges (Empúries, 2016). Together with illustrator Mercè Canals she won the Destino Infantil – Apel·les Mestres Prize 2016 for Vivir con Hilda (y sus inconvenientes) (Destino, 2017) / Viure amb Hilda (i els seus inconvenients) (Estrella Polar, 2017). Her most recent books include the young adult novel Tina Frankens and the comic Camioneres, illustrated by Lyona.

She has translated over sixty books from English, French, German and Italian along with the subtitles of over two-hundred films. She teaches language at the UAB and creative writing at the Laboratori de Lletres writing school. She is a regular contributor to the press and chair of the Association of Writers in Catalan (AELC).

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